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Daniel Radcilffe- Harry Potter


Emma Watson- Hermione Granger



Rupert Grint- Ronald Weasley



Bonnie Wright- Ginny Weasley


Fiona Shaw- Petunia Dursley

Stanislav Lanevski- Viktor Krum

Tom Felton- Draco Malfoy

Harry Melling- Dudley Dursley

Devon Murray- Seamus Finnigan

Katie Leung- Cho Chang


Clemence Poesy- Fleur Delacour

Robert Pattinson- Cedric Diggory





James and Oliver Phelps- Fred and George Weasley

Matthew Lewis- Neville Longbottom

Alfred Enoch- Dean Thomas

Maggie Smith- Minerva McGalagony

Jason Isaacs- Lucius Malfoy

Richard Harris- Albus Dumbledore

Alan Rickman- Perselus Piton (Severus Snape)


Evanna Lynch -Luna Lovegood




Robbie Coltrane - Robeus Hagrid



Gary Oldman-  Sirius Black





Adrian Rawlins-Harry édesapja


 Geraldine Sommerwille

 Harry édesanyja


Helena Bonham Carter -Bellatrix








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